About Us

ENDS, LLC is an information technology consulting group based in Rockville, Maryland.

We specialize in designing and implementing wired and wireless corporate network infrastructures as well as computer hardware & software upgrades, Windows  & Linux configurations.We also offer internet and intranet website design and development solutions as well as web based applications, database, data storage and e-commerce solutions to fit any organization. On top of our technical services we offer business support with years of experience in everything from accounting and business plans to wholesale procurement.

ENDS can provide all aspects of computer and network design, administration, procurement, installation, training, and support services.

With Microsoft Certified Professionals in our team, we are thoroughly proficient in new and emerging technologies.  Our engineers are certified and have several years of “in the field” experiences.

We can show you how the state of the art can be integrated with legacy systems to improve productivity in the most cost-effective ways.

We provide innovative solutions that take full advantage of today’s technologies to improve transactional efficiency, ultimately improving your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Our Mission

Our goal is to become the leading provider of complete information technology solutions in the nation.
We have core strategic partnerships with key technology developers and business professionals to provide Leading-Edge solutions. Our primary criterion for every project is quality while maintaining cost effectiveness.